Define Action Properties for a Scheduled Item

Use the Action page in the Schedule Items window to define the Actions for the Scheduled Items.

Each Action has its own unique properties. After you select an Action, the page displays the properties that need to be defined for the selected Action.

Define the properties for the selected Action:

  • Backup database: Exports a selected CSM database to a compressed Cherwell Archive Repository (.czar) file.
  • Database maintenance: Performs selected database maintenance operations (example: Rebuild the Full-Text catalog, Rebuild Indexes and shrink SQL logs on a scheduled basis).
  • Import external data: Imports data from external databases (example: Active Directory) into CSM.
  • Import from file: Imports data from comma separated value (.csv) files into CSM.
  • Import from LDAP: Imports LDAP records (example: Customer lists) into CSM.
  • One-Step: Runs a selected One-Step™ Action.
  • Portal Credentials: Creates CSM Portal login credentials for customers.
  • Publish Blueprint: Publishes Blueprints to your CSM system.
  • Purge System Table: Purges email records and attachments from system tables.
  • Train machine learning: Runs a configured query to pull data used to train a Machine Learning model.