Define Error Handling Properties for a Scheduled Item

Use the Error Handling page in the Scheduled Item Properties window to define what to do if a Scheduled Item encounters an error during its scheduled run.

When a Scheduled Item has an error, it's not scheduled again because it's most likely in a state where it can't run (disk space or missing report).

To define error handling properties for a Scheduled Item:

  1. Create a Scheduled Item.
  2. Select the Error Handling page.
  3. Define the error handling operations:
    1. If scheduled item fails run One-Step: Select this checkbox to run a One-Step™ Action in the event of a Scheduled Item error.
      1. Select a One-Step Action in the drop-down list, or select the ellipsis to open the One-Step Action Manager.
      2. Select an existing One-Step Action or create a new one.
    2. If scheduled item fails, still schedule next run (if recurring): Select this checkbox to continue a Scheduled Item's original schedule, ensuring that the next run occurs.
  4. Select Save.