Define Train Machine Learning Action Options

Use the Scheduler's Train machine learning Action to run a query that pulls verified data to train a Machine Learning model on a scheduled basis.

Define the following settings as they apply, and then select Save.

Setting Description
Machine Learning Training Configuration
  1. Select a model from the drop-down list or select the ellipsis to open the Machine Learning Manager.
  2. Select an existing model, or configure a Blueprint to create a new model.
Training Query Select the ellipsis to choose the query that is configured to return verified, accurate training examples.

A Machine Learning model is only as good as the information used to train it. The sample data returned by this query must provide accurate examples of content that will appear in the field that the model will analyze and the field that the model will predict.

Configuration Details Displays the fields configured in the Machine Learning Manager and the date and duration of the last time the model was trained.