Define Publish Blueprint Action Options

Use the Scheduler's Publish Blueprint Action to publish Blueprints to your CSM system on a scheduled basis.

Define the following settings as they apply, and then select Save.

Setting Description
Publish Blueprint Publishes the Blueprint.

Select Browse to select the Blueprint file to publish. This directory must be available on the machine where the Scheduler runs. We recommend a UNC name.

Backup Database Backs up the database before the Blueprint publish.
  • Directory: Provide the directory name, or select Browse to select a directory where the database backup file will be stored.
  • File name: Provide the file name to use for the database backup file.
Append date/time to file name Appends the current date and time to the file name. This ensures that you don't overwrite previous backups with the same name by adding the most current date/time stamp to the backup file name.