Define Purge System Table Action Options

Use the Scheduler's Purge System Table Action to purge CSM system table email records and attachments on a scheduled basis.

Good to know:

  • This Action physically deletes the selected items from the database. Prior to scheduling this Action you should backup any items that you need to retain for future use.
  • It is recommended that you schedule this Action to run out of normal business hours as it may take some time to complete, especially for larger purges.
  • For on-premise customers that want to reclaim disk space after purging, a DBA will need to run SQL Server's DB shrink command.

To define a Purge System Table Action:

  1. In the CSM Administrator main window, select the Scheduling category, and then select the Edit Schedule task.
  2. Add or edit a Scheduled Item that uses a Purge System Table Action, and then select the Action page.
  3. Provide the following settings as they apply:
    Option Description


    Email: Select this option to purge email records. Journal - Mail History records recording details about the email will remain, but trying to drill into the actual linked email will result in a "not found" message.

    Attachments: Select this option to purge attachments from the Trebuchet attachment table.
    • Attachments and their links to the Business Object are removed.
    • Purging will honor the attachment audit settings for any Business Object; a journal entry will indicate the attachment was removed.

    Business Object Selection (attachments only)

    Select the Business Objects from which file attachments (and links) will be removed.

    Date Filter

    Older Than: Select this option to purge email or attachments older than the number of Years, Months or Days you specify.

    Time Range: Select this option to purge email or attachments for a date range you specify. Select the calendar buttons to specify the dates.


    Select to display an estimate of the number of emails or attachments that will be purged.