Define Report Action Options

Use the Scheduler's Report Action to run a selected report on a scheduled basis.

When you schedule a Report Action, you select the report to run and define any parameters (example: Date range or priorities). If you create one report with different parameters, you can reuse the report with different values. For example, run a Date Range report at the end of every month, end of every quarter, and end of every year; or, run an Incident report with different priorities or different categories. If a report has parameters, CSM prompts you to set the values that the Scheduler passes to the report when you schedule the report.

To automatically print a report, create a One-Step™ Action that prints the report. Then, use the Scheduler to run the One-Step Action.

Define the following settings as they apply, and then select Save.

Setting Description
Run Report
  • Report:
    1. Select a recently used report from the drop-down list or select the ellipsis to open the Report Manager.
    2. Select an existing report or create a new one.
  • Format: Select a preferred format for the report. Available formats include: .pdf, .bmp, .csv, .emf, .xls, .html, .jpeg, .txt, .png, .rtf, and .tiff.
  • Output file: Select Browse to choose the location of the output file for the report.

    This file must be creatable on the machine where the Scheduler runs. We recommend you use a UNC name.