Define Schedule Properties for a Scheduled Item

Use the Schedule page in the Schedule Item window to define the schedule for an item.

Schedule the date and time when an item should run, including:

  • One Time or Recurring: Select the option for the Scheduled Item to run once or multiple times.
  • Scheduled time: Choose a start date, time, and time zone .

    You can also select the Scheduling Server Time Zone.

  • Recurrence: Choose how often you want the Scheduled Item to run (example: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Every weekday).
  • Range of recurrence: Choose a Start date and when a recurrence ends for a Scheduled Item (example: No end date, End after 10 occurrences).

    If you choose End by and the item is scheduled to run on the end date, it runs for the last time on this date.

  • Maximum runtime: Select the maximum number of minutes a Scheduled Item should run.