Use the Scheduler

Use the Scheduler to schedule, run, and troubleshoot various jobs and actions.

Scheduled Items Window

To open the Scheduled Items window from the CSM Administrator main window, select the Scheduling category, and then select Edit Schedule.

Use the Scheduled Items window to:

  • View a list of Scheduled Items, filtered by:
    • Group: View for a particular Scheduler.
    • Action: View by action type.
    • Status: View by completion status (Pending, Completed, Not Completed).
  • Add, edit, delete, and copy Scheduled Items.
  • Refresh Scheduled Items and their statuses. If items are running, use the Refresh button to watch the statuses change from Pending, to Running, to Complete.
  • Select a Scheduled Item, and then select Last Run to see the last time a recurring item was run, its completion status, the duration of its last run, or any errors.
  • View errors of a Scheduled Item that were not completed as expected.
  • Select Calendar to see all the items scheduled for a particular day.
  • Select Test to test a Scheduled Item to ensure all information is available for the item to run regularly.