CAM Security Rights

Security rights control access to Cherwell Asset Management (CAM) functionality and are configured in the Security Group Manager in CSM Administrator (CSM Administrator>Security>Edit Security Groups). Use the Rights tab to configure the following functionality rights under the CAM Administrator, CAM Purchasing, and CAM Reporting Categories.

Table:   CAM Administration
Right Description (when selected Check Box) Grant To:
Configure all aspects of the CAM system (CAM system administrator)? Allows the Security Group to run CAM Administrator, Reporting, License Analytics, and Purchasing. Only users with this permission are able to do the following:
  • Run the Setup Wizard
  • Configure baselines
  • Reset data
  • Change the license key
  • View all panels
  • View and configure all tabs and options in the Options dialog box
  • System administrators
Configure and manage recognized software characteristics? Allows the Security Group to:
  • View the License Units, Unconfigured Applications, and Files panels
  • Add, delete, or modify license units
  • View and modify the license unit template
  • Automatically configure applications into license units
  • Mark any unconfigured applications that you don't want to configure into license units
  • Enable metering
  • Configure control profiles
  • Add, delete, or modify license unit groups
  • Organize files
  • Run administrative reports related to license units
  • System administrators
Configure hardware assets other than computers?

Allows the Security Group to:

  • View the Network Devices and Other Assets panels
  • Discover network devices
  • Delete network devices
  • Add, delete, or modify other assets
  • Import asset data
  • View and modify the network device template
  • View and modify the asset template
  • Add, delete, or modify network device groups and asset groups
  • Run reports related to network devices and other assets
  • System administrators
Configure managed computers and users?

Allows users to:

  • View the Machines and Users panels
  • Inventory machines
  • Install the CAM Agent on machines
  • Uninstall the CAM Agent from machines
  • Run remote inventory
  • Discover machines and users
  • Launch the Remote Desktop Connection
  • Open the Agent Options dialog box
  • Check licenses in and out for selected machines
  • Import user-defined data
  • Add, delete, or modify machine groups
  • Add, delete, or modify user groups
  • Delete and restore machines
  • Delete and restore users
  • Run administrative reports related to machines and users
  • System administrators
Configure purchasing access profiles, orders, and contracts? Users with Purchasing administrator permissions have full access to Purchasing and all panels and commands are available. Specifically, purchasing administrators can run Purchasing and use all functionality, including:
  • Use its Administration panel
  • Configure email notifications for access profiles
  • Move orders and contracts from one access profile to another
  • System Administrators
Table:   CAM Purchasing
Right Description (when selected Check Box) Grant To:
Run the purchasing application?

Allows users to:

  • Run Purchasing, Reporting, and License Analytics
  • View orders and contracts available for the relevant access profile
  • System Administrators
  • Managers
Table:   CAM Reporting
Right Description (when selected Check Box) Grant To:
Run the reports and license analytics applications? Allows users to run Reporting and License Analytics.
  • System Administrators
  • Managers