Add a User to a Team

To add a user to a Team:

  1. In the CSM Administrator main window, select the Security category.
  2. Select Edit Teams and Workroups.
    The Team and Workgroup Manager opens.
  3. Select the User Teams radio button and choose the Team you wish to add users to. Select the Members tab.
  4. Select the Add button to open the Add Team Member window.
  5. Select team member(s) to add, close the dialog, then close the Teams and Workgroups Manager.

    Select New user to create a new User Profile or use the search bar to search for User names.

  6. Select OK.

To designate a user as the Team Manager, select a User (member) in the Teams and Workgroups Manager, and then select the Team Manager check box. You can designate more than one manager, if needed.

If configured, record ownership rights (View, Add, Edit, Delete rights) can be extended to managers, departments, and Teams/Workgroups, so carefully consider the implications of these relationships.