Document Repository Items Security Rights

Document Repository Items rights are selected from the Category drop-down on the Rights tab in CSM Administrator (Security > Edit Security Groups).

Right Description (when checked Check Box) Grant To:
Default rights?

Allows users working with Document Repository Items in the CSM Desktop and Browser Clients to:

  • View: Access Document Repository Items.
  • Add: Create Document Repository Items.
  • Edit: Edit Document Repository Items.
  • Delete: Delete Document Repository Items.

The default Document Repository rights will be applied to any Document Repository that does not have specific rights set (which can be determined by the Use default checkbox for each repository).

View/Run Only:

  • Users

All rights:

  • System administrators
  • Managers
Default Portal Documents (for each defined Document Repository)?

Allows people working with the default documents in the Document Repository in the CSM Portal to:

  • View: Access documents.
  • Add: Create documents.
  • Edit: Edit documents.
  • Delete: Delete documents.
  • Use Default: Uses the same security rights set for the Default Sites rights (above).

For each Document Repository, you can also define Expressions that limit access. For example, you can limit add/edit rights to a particular Repository based on whether the Team Lead checkbox is checked on the customer’s record. The type of Expression (user or customer) will differ depending on the type of security group.

View/Run Only:

  • Users/customers

All rights:

  • System administrators
  • Managers