Contact Manager Behaviors

Menu Bars and Toolbars

Use the CSM Desktop Client menu bar/toolbar and Browser Client menu bar/toolbar to access Table Management operations, such as:

  • Navigating records.
  • Switching between Grid view and Current Record view.
  • Adding, editing, and deleting Customer Records.

Context Menu (Desktop Client Only)

Use the Contact Manager context (right-click) menu to quickly access common Contact Manager operations.

Menu Item Description
Go to Record Displays the selected Customer Record.
New Creates a new Customer Record.
Delete Deletes the selected Customer Record.
Print Grid Prints the active Grid.
Export Grid Exports the active Grid to a file.

If Context Menu Actions are defined, an Actions menu item is also displayed to run Actions.

Record Views

There are several ways to view records in the Contact Manager:

  • Grid list: Select the Show Results Grid button Show Results ButtonBrowser Client Show Results Grid on the toolbar to display a Grid list of Customer Records.
  • Current record: Select the Show Current Record button Show Current Record ButtonBrowser Client Show Current Record on the toolbar to display the selected Customer Record.
  • Card: Select the Card view check box in the Navigation pane to display the Customer Records in a user-friendly business card format.

Grid Capabilities

When Contact Records are displayed in Grid view, use the CSM Grid capabilities (ex: Print, export, run an Action, sort, filter, group, size, move/reorder, and add/remove columns) to display only the data you want and in a way that is meaningful to you.

Find Records

Use the filter and search options to find Customer Records.