Define General Information for a Security Group

Use the Info tab to define properties.

To define general information for a Security Group:

  1. Open the Security Group Manager
  2. In the Group drop-down list, select the Security Group for which you want to define rights (example: Admin).
  3. Select the Info tab.
  4. Define the general properties:
    1. Provide a name and description (both properties can be searched in CSM Item Managers).
      The description should be the type of user that belongs to the new Security Group and an explanation of when it should be used.
    2. From the drop-down list, select an email address to set as the default email address. This is the default email account for this Security Group. The account must be accessible to that Security Group to be set as the default. Select Delete to delete the email address.
      If no email address is set as the default, the global default email address is used.

      If a Security Group's default email address is provided, it will override the global default address. However, if a user's default email address is provided, that address will override the Security Group default address.

  5. Select Save.