Set Different Business Object Rights Based on Ownership

Business Object rights take effect when CSM can identify who each owner is (record owner, department member, manager of owner, Team/Workgroup member, and Team/Workgroup manager). Be sure that each entity is identified with an ownership attribute; otherwise, CSM ignores ownership.

To set different Business Object rights based on ownership:

  1. Open the Security Group Manager
  2. In the Group drop-down, select the Security Group for which you want to define rights (ex: Admin).
  3. Click the Business Objects tab.
  4. In the Business Object drop-down, select the Business Object for which you want to set rights. You can also select individual Fields within the Business Object.
  5. Select the Different rights based on ownership check box. The rights expand.

    A Customer Security Group displays Workgroup Member and Workgroup Manager instead of Team.

  6. Set the Business Object rights for each entity.
  7. Click Save Save Button.