Use the Windows Login for the CSM Portal

The WinLogin clause is an addition to the CSM Portal URL that allows the system to automatically log customers in with their Windows credentials.

Normally, customers access the CSM Portal with a URL like this:


This URL redirects automatically to the default CSM Portal site, such as:


Customers can also go directly to a particular CSM Portal site:


Depending on the configuration of the site, customers might then be prompted to log in, or they might have to select the Login link to be prompted for credentials. However, if the WinLogin clause is added to the URL (example: http://MyServer/CherwellPortal/WinLogin/IT), the system attempts to automatically log customers in using their Windows credentials, and then take them to the startup page. Note that, if the credentials are not legal, an error message is displayed.

Using a URL with the WinLogin clause is equivalent to going to the CSM Portal, selecting Login, and then selecting Use Windows Login.