User Manager Menu Bar

File Menu

Action Description
New Creates a new item.
Abandon Abandons changes to the current item.
Save Saves changes to the current item.
Clear Settings Clears all custom settings/defaults defined for the current item, resetting the settings/defaults to the Global settings. An option is also available to clear all custom settings for all items. Cleared settings include: Default Dashboard/Dashboard Theme, HUD, Calendar, Visualization, Mobile Configuration, window sizes, and some Grid settings.
Import User

Imports users from Windows NT, AD/LDAP.

This option only appears if your system has been appropriately configured.

Copy Creates a new item whose properties are the same as the copied item. The new item can then be named and customized.
Delete Deletes the current selection.
Close Closes the Manager.

View Menu

Action Description
User Account List.. View list of user accounts and their details.

Help Menu

Action Description

Opens the online help.


Opens the online help.

About Displays information about the application.