View/Manage Logged-In Users/Customers

CSM Administrator provides the ability to see all users currently logged in to CSM and perform actions on them.

To view/manage logged-in users/customers:

  1. In the CSM Administrator main window, select the Security category, and then select View currently logged-in users.

    The Logged-In Users window opens. All currently logged-in users are listed alphabetically by login ID. Customers logged into the CSM Portal will also be listed if they are using licenses. Regular customers using the CSM Portal (those not logged in) are not shown.

  2. Select one or more users.
  3. Select an action:
    • Logout of module: Logs the user(s) out of the selected Cherwell product.
    • Logout all modules: Logs the user(s) out of all the Cherwell products the user is currently logged in to.

      If the Cherwell Service Host is running and you select this option for the user that the Cherwell Service Host is logged in as, the user will be logged back in after a few seconds. To avoid this happening, stop the Cherwell Service Host before selecting this option.

    • Lock user out: Locks the user(s) out of the selected module after they log out.