Scaling Scenarios

Server farms are flexible enough to handle various configurations. The simplest setup is to use multiple CSM servers to handle the user load and a single server to handle the service load. Or, you can distribute services across multiple servers and enable a cluster for the Cherwell Message Queue Service.

The example scenarios assume each machine in the Cherwell server farm is a commodity box.

Minimal Server Farm

The following example shows the most common scaling scenario and the easiest to configure. The Cherwell Application Server and CSM web servers share machines, and a single instance of the Cherwell Service Host is configured.

Distributed Services

The following example shows how to scale by creating a cluster for the Cherwell Message Queue Service and distributing the load for individual services across the cluster. You can choose to run the Cherwell Service Host on the same machines as a CSM server or on different machines.

For guidance on configuring a Cherwell Message Queue Service/RabbitMQ cluster, see Configuring a Cluster for Cherwell Message Queue Service.