Using a Load Balancer with CSM

A Cherwell server farm enables you to add load-balancing capabilities using your existing firewall between the CSM server and the web.

In a single-server scenario, all traffic that comes in for CSM is directed to the same server. In a Cherwell server farm, users are redirected to different machines.

The Cherwell Application Server and the web server can be load balanced. These servers can run in a load-balanced mode where servers on different machines can coordinate as a single unit by communicating with a central-state storage. CSM uses Redis as a central-state storage technology. For more information, see Purpose of Redis.

Three load-balanced servers should be deployed to match the performance of a single standalone server. This is due to the overhead associated with the Cherwell Server Farm topology. The UI in a load-balanced environment can appear slightly slower because of session state serialization and Redis traffic.

The following example shows how a load balancer can be configured to handle requests.

Load balancer methods