Configure Logging for the Cherwell REST API

If issues occur when working with CSM features that rely on the Cherwell REST API (example: Authentication, Saved Searches, and webhooks), you can configure event logging in the Cherwell Server Manager to log warnings and errors that are associated with REST API.

The base URL for the Cherwell REST API is required for CSM authentication. If the base URL is not configured properly through the Cherwell Server Manager or the Command-Line Configure utility, users will get an error when logging in to CSM.

Configure event logging for warnings and errors that are associated with the REST API:

  1. To open the Cherwell Server Manager, select Start > All Programs > Cherwell Service Management > Tools > Server Manager.
  2. In the Server field, select Cherwell Web API.
  3. Select Logging.
  4. Select your logging location and level of log messages. The recommended setting is to log warnings and above to the Window Event Viewer and debug and above to a specified file location. See Logging Options for more information.
  5. Select OK.
  6. Select Restart server to apply the changes.