Define System Analyzer Messages

Use the Analyzer Messages dialog box (accessed within the System Analyzer window) to define which messages to track.

Good to Know:

  • Only the following message categories are not selected by default: App Service call (3-tier only), Other, and Query. Messages are not selected by default if they generate a large number of messages or are only applicable for 2-tier or 3-tier systems.
  • Select the Clear button to clear all options and select the Select button to select all standard options.

To define which System Analyzer messages to track:

  1. Open the System Analyzer in the CSM Desktop Client (Help > System Analyzer).
  2. Select the Messages button System Analyzer Messages Button.
    The Analyzer Messages window opens.
  3. Define message categories by selecting or clearing the corresponding check boxes:
    • Action Block
    • Adaptive Layout
    • App Service call (3-tier only)
    • Business Object
    • BusOb Load Timing
    • Error
    • Foreign Key
    • Foreign Key Potential Issue
    • Modify Value
    • One-Step
    • Other
    • Query (2-tier only)
    • Session
    • Table Validation
    • Table Validation Timing
    • Token Expression Error
    • Web Service Call