Find Your Trusted Agent Hub URL and Shared Key

Each Trusted Agent Server must use the same Hub URL and shared key set in the Trusted Agent Hub. There are various ways to find your Hub URL and shared key.

Use one of these options to find your shared key:

  • Cherwell provides the shared key to SaaS customers when a Trusted Agent Hub is provisioned. Locate the communication from Cherwell to find the Hub URL and shared key.
  • If Trusted Agent is already configured and you need the key to configure an additional Trusted Agent Service, open CSM Administrator, and then select the Trusted Agents category. Select the Edit Trusted Agents Hub Settings task to see the Hub URL and the shared key for your system.
  • On-premises customers can find the shared key in the Trusted Agent Hub on the server that hosts the CSM Browser Client. For more information, see Trusted Agent.