Overview of What's New in CSM 2022.3

Microsoft Graph API Support

CSM now supports Microsoft Graph API for accessing Exchange email accounts. When you configure options for a global Exchange account, you can now choose Microsoft Graph as an authentication type. Graph allows users to authenticate with a password, so they don't need to use credentials.

Microsoft will begin disabling basic authentication in October 2022. Microsoft is also no longer providing feature updates to Exchange Web Services (EWS), which is used for Credential-based authentication. We recommend customers use Microsoft Graph for CSM authentication.

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Foreign Key Use in Chart Widgets

When you create chart widgets, you can now enable the use of foreign keys on field values when you define the chart series for bars, columns, or slices. Enable foreign keys to return matching records created in all cultures. The checkbox will only be visible and applicable to fields that are configured with localization and foreign key is enabled in the field properties.

Enabling the foreign key is best used in charts where the refined search string only has one instance in the validating table, such as a chart of Incident Statuses, Services, or by Customer.