The Definitive Software Library (DSL)

The Definitive Software Library is a constantly evolving and growing repository of normalized descriptions of software titles, which are used as the software titles shown in Spend Intelligence. Associated with these normalized descriptions is a wealth of historic and continually added-to discovered descriptions, which combine to form the basis of the initial recognition where discovered descriptions are matched to a single normalized description. Discovered descriptions are continually being added to the DSL, with a particular focus on high profile software publishers such as Microsoft and Adobe. There are currently thousands of software publishers and tens of thousands of products in the DSL, providing a vast breadth of coverage.

If you would like to request some targeted recognition for a specific product or software publisher, raise a Support Request, which will be handled by the Data Team.

This recognition of discovered descriptions means, for example, that if your discovered data includes instances of the following items:

they are both identified as Microsoft SQL Server 2019.

Similarly, if all minor versions of a product use the same license, they are reported in the form 10.x; and if a product is a component of a licensed suite or bundle, requires no license, or if all versions use the same license, then the version is reported as Generic. If the discovery data is insufficient for the DSL to confidently identify the version or edition, it is set to (Inconclusive).