Smart Advisors

Once you gather data about your devices, you'll be able to view the Neurons Platform Smart Advisors. Click Insights > Smart Advisors in the left navigation pane to view the Smart Advisors repository.

Smart Advisors show preconfigured charts, a table with the details, and brief recommendations based on important factors in your environment. Currently, all recommendations are displayed by default.

When you click a Smart Advisor such as Reimage or Replace, Ivanti offers recommendations based on devices in your network and on the filter charts shown. Click a specific category in the filter charts to show only the devices that fall in that category.

Not all of the charts that appear in the Smart Advisors repository come with recommendations. For now, you can filter the table rows by selecting the states that you want to see. You can then export the remaining rows to a .CSV file. This exported data can be used for tracking important states or as a target to push changes to devices in your environment.

Note that you can pin Smart Advisors to your customized Dashboard page; once pinned, you'll see Checkmark icon.