Agent Policy Reboot experience

To access the Agent Policy Reboot experience panel, navigate to Agents > Agent Policy > Create Policy > Platform Behaviors > Reboot experience settings tile.

Once you have set the required controls, select OK to close the Reboot experience panel.

Reboot Requests

Updates to the Ivanti Neurons agent components may require a reboot, you can configure whether reboots are requested, and when. Additional Ivanti Neurons agent capabilities can be configured to request reboots. Go to the relevant feature to configure the settings.

It is recommended to have server devices and end user devices in different policy groups, so that you can set the reboot settings accordingly for those devices that do not have active end users.

Action after a reboot request

Ivanti Neurons agent and capability reboot request settings. These apply to all requested reboots across the Ivanti Neurons Platform, for this policy group.

  • Reboot when user signs out: Select to reboot at the time the user next signs out.
  • Reboot after interval: Select to reboot after the following configured time:
    • Countdown timer: Enter the value and unit (minutes, hours, days). Maximum is 31 days. The Countdown timer value can be no higher than the Up to a maximum postponement value.
    • Duration to display shutdown message: Enter the value and unit (seconds, minutes) for the time duration for which to display the shutdown message. Maximum is 999 seconds, or 16 minutes.
  • User can postpone reboot: Select to provide the user with the option to postpone reboots.
    • By: Enter the value and unit (minutes, hours, days) for the period for which the user can choose to postpone reboots. Maximum is 14 days.
    • Up to a maximum: Enter the value and unit (minutes, hours, days) for the maximum period for which a user can choose to postpone reboots. Maximum is 31 days. This value must be greater than the Countdown timer value.
  • User can defer reboot until sign out: Select to allow the user to postpone the reboot until they next sign out.
  • User can cancel reboot: Select to allow the user to cancel the reboot.

Agent Automatic Update

The Ivanti Neurons Agent automatically updates itself with bug fixes and enhancements. Sometimes updates require a reboot.

  • Requests reboots when needed: Select to request a reboot when they are required.
  • Do not request reboots: Select to not request a reboot. If reboots are not requested, some of the agent components may not be fully functional. A manual reboot will be required.