Creating API apps in Entra ID for Microsoft cloud connectors

The Neurons Platform includes a variety of cloud connectors that enable Neurons to connect to your Microsoft database sources to retrieve data. Before setting up these connectors in Neurons, you need to create an API app in Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) for each one and add the necessary credentials.

This extra step is mandatory for the following connectors:

  • Entra ID

  • Intune

  • Microsoft 365

  • Defender for Endpoint (MDE) – Requires its own procedure.

Important notes:

  • To better facilitate troubleshooting, create a new app for each connector you plan on using.

  • When adding permissions for each app, ensure Grant admin consent is selected for each permission.

  • If you add or change permissions for the app after initial registration, the Microsoft Application Key will not be updated and will need to be generated again. Make sure to update the connector with the new secret after changing permissions.

  • If there is user data already in Neurons from another source and you import user data from Entra ID, Neurons will reconcile the records using the user’s email so that you do not have duplicate user records.