Creating a Custom Patch Configuration

To create your own custom patch configuration, on the Patch settings page, click Create configuration.

  • Configuration name: The name you want to assign to this configuration.
  • Comment: Provide a comment that describes the purpose of this configuration.

Configuration Behavior tab

This tab enables you to configure a number of different options related to the deployment of patches.

Tip: Select Show summary to see a summary of your custom patch configuration options, with a tab for each operating system. This summary is updated in real time as you add, delete or modify your patch configuration options.

Associations tab

This tab enables you to associate the patch configuration with one or more agent policy groups. The association of the patch configuration to a policy group defines the endpoints to which the configuration will be deployed. All devices using a specific policy will be governed by the patch configuration you associate with that policy.

Important! The agent policy group must have the Patch Management capability enabled in order to utilize the patch configuration.

You can associate a patch configuration with multiple agent policy groups.

History tab

This tab enables you to track changes that have been made to the patch configuration.

Saving and Activating Your Custom Patch Configuration

The following buttons are available while using any of the three patch configuration tabs.

  • Save and make active: Save the patch configuration and make it active for the devices that are assigned to the associated policy group(s). Each device will receive the new configuration the next time the device's agent checks in with Ivanti Neurons.
  • Save: Saves the patch configuration without closing the page, enabling you to keep working.
  • Undo changes: Undoes any changes, returning the patch configuration to its previous saved state.
  • Close: Closes the page without saving the latest changes to the patch configuration.