Deployment Representatives

A Deployment Representative is a device in your network that has the Ivanti Neurons for Discovery Agent installed on it. The Discovery Agent should be installed on one device per subnet within your environment. The Deployment Representative is the only device that can be used for the capabilities that require credentials; deployment, remote inventory and SNMP discovery.

For details on selecting a default Deployment Representative for multiple subnets, refer to Edit Policy Group Details.

The Deployment Representatives view lists all devices by name, the subnets they belong to, and the date the agent was installed.


  • Subnet: Click on any Subnet to view the Subnet Detail.
  • ...: Select to open the drop-down menu:
    • Remove: Remove the Deployment Representative. The device details are deleted. You must manually uninstall the Discovery Agent from the device.
    • Set Default: Set the device as the default deployment representative. You can only have one default set per tenant, so if you set a new one, the previously selected default will be cleared.
    • Clear Default: Only available if the device is selected as the default deployment representative. Select to unset the device as the default.

Subnet Detail

From here you can view:

  • Device Name - Name of the device.
  • Last Seen - Date the device was last online; this could either be the last check in with the Ivanti Neurons Platform, or the last Discovery scan.
  • IP Address - IP Address.
  • MAC Address - MAC address.
  • OS - version of the operating system the device is running e.g. Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise Edition 64-bit.
  • OSGroup - operating system the device is running e.g. Windows.
  • Agent - Displays Yes if the Ivanti Neurons for Discovery Agent is installed on the device. No if there is no Discovery Agent installed.
  • Policy Group - The name of the Policy Group that the device is assigned to. Click on the Policy Group name to view the Policy Group Detail.
  • Subnet - Subnet the device belongs to.

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