Email Report Stage

The Email Report action stage can be used to communicate the results from a bot run.

How to configure the Email Report

  1. From within the bot editor, drag the Email Report stage on to the work area. The Stage settings panel displays.
  2. On the Stage settings panel, in To, enter who will receive the email. You can use CTRL + Space to insert the variable initiation user, this is the analyst triggering the bot from either Devices or Neurons Bots.
  3. On the Stage settings panel, in Sender, enter the email address of the sender.

  4. Specify the Subject of the email.
    Variables can be used, but since this stage targets all devices in scope of the trigger, only variables that reference multiple devices, such as device count, are available.
  5. Select Edit Email Body to specify the content of the email. The Email Editor page displays.
  6. On the Email Editor page, select whether you want to use stage result values to build the email content.
    • Select Yes to display a drop-down of all available stage values. The values for each stage in the bot, before the Email Report stage, are listed.
      • Select a value that you want to include in the email. Repeat the value selection to build the email message. The available values include general variables such as; Bot Name, Timestamp, Initiation User, but also include the aggregate of values available from upstream connected stages.
      • Once you have selected all the required values, select Generate.
      • The HTML code for the values selected is generated and displayed.
      • You can edit the code as required.
      • To insert further values to the code, select New Value. The value drop-down displays, select a value.
        The snippet of code for the value is generated.
        Select copy to clipboard.
        Paste at the desired point in the code. The code must be kept between the tags {{#each Ivanti.Results}} and {{/each}}.
    • Alternatively, select No, the code editor displays for you to write the HTML code to build the email content.
      Select Handlebars Guide for help with the coding language.
  7. Once the body of the email is complete, select Apply and close to return to the bot editor page.