Managing Errors

Ideally, all of your Neurons Bots will run successfully on all of the devices you target every time. However, sometimes not everything will succeed. Neurons Bots includes some features to improve the success rate, and there are some design decisions and configuration settings you can make to improve the success rate and help you to manage any errors that occur.


There is a balance to be made between waiting for a workflow to complete and not leaving it to continue long after it has failed. Appropriate time-outs are applied to each stage of a workflow. Query stages have a time-out of 15 seconds, Actions 5 minutes, and Targeted Actions 25 minutes.

Error branching

When a Stage runs, the bot records on which devices the stage was successful and on which it failed. You can see these results in the stage results. You can improve your bot design to more proactively handle this situation by adding error branches.

To add an error branch:

  1. Open the required bot.
  2. From the My Stages panel, in the Common section, add a Filter Results stage below an Action stage.
  3. Connect the Action stage to the Filter Results stage.
  4. Click the Filter Results stage.
  5. In the Stage settings panel, set Logic to AND, Property to Action Status, Comparison to Equals and Value to Failed.
  6. Connect a similar Filter Results stage to the same Action stage but with the Value set to Completed.
    You now have an error branch that separates successful devices from failed devices.
  7. Under the Completed Filter Results stage, complete your workflow design.
  8. Under the Failed Filter Results stage, add an Action stage to try and progress the bot.