ITSM Ticket (Create or Update)

Use this stage to create or update an Ivanti Neurons ITSM ticket. When the stage runs against all target devices it detects if a ticket has been raised for the issue for each device, this avoids duplicate tickets being created. If there is an existing ticket, with status Logged, Active, or Waiting, and Update ticket from stage has been used, then the fields are updated.
If no ticket has been created for the issue for a device, or a ticket has status Resolved or Closed, then a new ticket is created.

Stage Settings

The fields in the Stage settings are updated dynamically from the default ITSM form. This includes determining the mandatory fields. All options in drop-down fields are based on context.

If the ITSM default form changes, you will have to revisit these Stage settings to update the fields that have changed.

The following fields are ones to draw your attention to:

  • Update ticket from stage: Use this field to link the stage to another ITSM ticket stage. This will then update the same ITSM ticket each time the stage is run. This is useful if you want to make incremental changes to the bot.
  • Fallback user email: In some cases the user will not be identifiable from the device. In such cases, the Fallback user's email will be used for communication about the ticket.
  • Journal notes: This is a dynamic field that updates the ITSM ticket each time the stage is run. Journal notes are never replaced; new ones are always created. If you want to preserve a specific setting, add it as a variable to the journal notes to retain it in the history.

Configuration Requirements

Before you use the ITSM Ticket (Create or update) stage in a bot, you must create an Ivanti Neurons ITSM API Key, and setup the Ivanti Neurons for ITSM Connector with action credentials.

Create an ITSM API Key

To setup a credential for Neurons Bots, you must create an API key in Neurons for ITSM. Then you have to create a new credential that includes that API key:

  1. Go to Ivanti Neurons for ITSM.
  2. In the main menu select Configure > Security Controls > API Keys.
  3. In the Key groups section, select Add Key group, or use an existing one.
  4. In the API Keys section, select Add API Key.
  5. On the New API Key page, set On Behalf Of to a user with administrator privileges.
  6. Set In Role to Administrator.
  7. Copy the Reference ID. This is the Rest API Key that is needed to setup the connector.
  8. Select Save Key.

See the Neurons for ITSM Help for further details.

Create an ITSM Connector and Credentials

The setup required for the integration with Ivanti Neurons for ITSM will depend on what you already have set up:

Credentials are required for legacy Workspace support, this need will be removed in the future.

Stage Results

Once a bot that includes an ITSM stage has been run, you can view the updates to the ITSM ticket, to do this:

  1. Go to Ivanti Neurons main menu > Neurons Bots.
    The Neurons Bots page appears.
  2. Search for and select the Bot name.
    The Bot results page appears.
  3. Locate the ITSM Ticket (Create or update) stage.
  4. Within the stage, click on the successfulmetric, indicated by green circle with white tick icon.
    The Stage results page appears.
  5. All devices where the stage successfully completed are listed, with the following details:
    • The ITSM Incident Number
    • Update an existing ITSM ticket:
      • Checked: This is an update to an existing ticket.
      • Unchecked: This is a new ticket creation.
    • Open in ITSM: Click to view the incident ticket in ITSM. If you are already logged in the ticket will display. If you are not logged, the log in screen will display.