Trigger App Distribution

The Trigger App Distribution stage can be used in a bot to utilize the App Distribution feature in Ivanti Neurons Platform. Using this stage within a bot allows the selected application to be distributed for installation to devices either on a schedule or as a custom action, based on the other stages in the bot workflow. For example, admins can use bot-initiated chat to allow the end user to decide when and if the software install takes place, so it is convenient for them and their work schedule.

The App Distribution feature is available with the Ivanti Neurons for Healing license. Learn more about App Distribution.


There are some prerequisites before you can add the stage to a bot:

  • You must have first added applications to the App Catalog in App Distribution. The applications must have been made available for on-demand install.
  • The Agent Policy on the target device that the bot is to run on, must have the App Distribution capability enabled. Learn more about Agent Policy Capabilities.

Stage timeout

The default setting for the period that the bot will await a response from the App Distribution service is 25 minutes. The time denomination and the number is configurable in the bot Stage settings.
If this period is exceeded the bot will report a fail. The App Distribution itself will remain queued against the device, this can be managed from within App Distribution.