Selecting a Product Icon for the Company Portal

Most applications have a default icon that appears alongside them in the company portal. You can change this icon if required, for example to highlight company-endorsed products.

To select the icon that appears in the company portal:

  1. On the Products tab, select the required product.
    The product page appears.
  2. Click Manage Icon.
    The Manage Product Icon dialog appears, showing a preview of the current icon if there is one.
    From this dialog you can:
    • Choose an icon: Click Browse to view the Select icon dialog, from where you can upload new custom icons, select from icons that have already been uploaded to your system, and delete uploaded icons.
    • Delete custom icon: Click Unmap to remove the custom icon from the product and restore the default icon, or click Unmap and delete to additionally delete the custom icon.

    If you choose to delete an icon, you are warned if it is currently in use for a product.