Required URLs, IP addresses and ports

This topic provides an overview of URLs, IP addresses and ports that must be added to the allow list (also known as whitelist) in your firewall to ensure that the Ivanti Neurons Platform and its agents can communicate.

All outbound network traffic is typically via port 443 and 8883. Network communication from Ivanti Neurons to agents is done through MQTT technology. Individual services on the Ivanti Neurons agent can communicate to Ivanti Neurons on secure port 443.

Common URLs for all environments


The table below outlines the base URLs needed for the Ivanti Neurons agent to register and communicate with the Neurons Platform. Without access to these URLs, the Neurons agent cannot register or install.

URL IP address Dynamic IP (Can change often) Dynamic IP (Can change often) Dynamic IP (Can change often)

The Neurons Platform utilizes some features of Microsoft Azure which do not allow static IP addresses. Microsoft has a pool of IP addresses available, to use these features publicly.

If you cannot add the URLs listed above to the allow list of your firewall, the alternative would be to allow the following certificate:



The table below lists URLs that are needed for downloading content and updates. Access to some of these URL is required for installation of the Neurons Agent, as the Agent has to load updated .Net libraries and the .NET UI SDK.

URL Remark .NET RunTime/Updates

Ivanti Patch data

If you use Ivanti Neurons for Patching, manufacturer download portals also need to be accessible.
Example: for LibreOffice

Landscape-specific URLs, IP addresses, and ports

Ivanti Neurons tenants can be located in different 'landscapes', depending on where you are located geographically. The landscape that holds your tenant determines what you must add to the allow list.
To determine the landscape of your tenant, go to the Ivanti Neurons sign-in page for your tenant and look at the URL. The first three characters indicate the landscape.

Sign-in screen, showing the URL that starts with NVU (underlined for emphasis)

Current landscapes are:

  • NVU for America-based (AMER) customers.
  • UKU for Europe, Middle-East or Africa-based (EMEA) customers.
  • MLU for Asia-Pacific-based (APAC) customers.
  • FRU for EU-based customers that want to host their data inside the EU.

If you need help understanding in which landscape your environment is hosted, feel free to reach out to your account representative or Ivanti Support.

The sections below list the landscape-specific URLs, IP addresses, and ports needed for each of the Ivanti Neurons Platform services. The services available in your environment depend on which Ivanti Neurons license you have.
Click on the name of the relevant landscape to expand the list.