Specifying corporate email domains

The SaaS Management component of Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence identifies users of corporate SaaS applications based on the email domains used by those users. You specify those email domains on the SaaS tab of the Software Configuration page under Admin.

To specify email domains used by corporate users of SaaS applications:

  1. Under Admin, click Software.
    The Software Configuration page appears.
  2. Click the SaaS tab.
  3. Under Corporate Emails, click Change.
    A new field appears where you can add corporate emails.
  4. Enter the domain of the email address (for example, vantosi.com), then click Add.
    The domain appears under the control. You can remove domains from this list by hovering over the name then clicking delete icon.
  5. Click Save.
    The email domain is added and the SaaS Management summaries are recalculated, which may take a short while.