Software Inventory

The Software Inventory page under Software shows you software data aggregated from the Neurons Platform connectors you have configured (see Setting up connectors). The device data from these connectors is de-duplicated, and then the software data is matched to an item in the Definitive Software Library (DSL). This means, for example, that if your discovered data includes an instance of MS SQL Server 2016 and an instance of Microsoft SQL Server 2016, they are both identified as Microsoft SQL Server 2016. Similarly, if all minor versions of a product use the same license, they are reported in the form 10.x; and if a product is a component of a licensed suite or bundle, requires no license, or if all versions use the same license, then the version is reported as Generic.

The Software Inventory page comprises a data grid with two tabs:

  • The Recognized tab shows software that has been matched to a record in the DSL and includes End of Life information. Click the links in the Installs column to see the lists of devices where each software title has been installed.
  • The Unrecognized tab shows software that has not been matched to a record in the DSL, grouped by vendor. Click the value in the Product Installs column to see which unrecognized software titles for that vendor have been discovered in your estate, then click the value in the Installs column to see the devices where this unrecognized software has been installed.

Prohibited software

There may be software titles that you do not want installed in your estate. You can mark such titles as Prohibited on the Software Inventory page, so that you can monitor the number of instances of such software.

To mark a software title as Prohibited:

  1. On the Recognized tab on the Software Inventory page, select the check boxes alongside the titles you want to prohibit.
  2. On the Actions menu, click Prohibit.
    The Prohibited column updates. You can use the Allow menu item to undo this action.