The Software section provides information about the software installed in your estate, and how frequently it is used.

Software Inventory

The Software Inventory page under Software shows you software data aggregated from the Neurons Platform connectors you have configured (see Setting up connectors). The device data from these connectors is de-duplicated, and then the software data is compared with the Ivanti Definitive Software Library (DSL) to see if there is a match. To see a list of devices where each software title has been installed, click the links in the Installs column. To filter the list, click filter icon.

Software Usage

The Software Usage page under Software shows you information about how much the software installed in your organization is used. If you use Ivanti Neurons Discovery (see Discovery), the usage data is taken from there. If you do not use Ivanti Neurons Discovery, but have set up an Ivanti Endpoint Manager connector (see Ivanti Endpoint Manager connector), then the usage data is taken from there.

You can also access Software Usage from the Data Tools section of the Spend Intelligence navigation bar if you have the appropriate license.

At the top of the page are charts that show to top 5 most unused and most used software items. Click the columns in the chart to filter the grid below.

The grid on the page shows all discovered software and lists the number of installations of each, including the numbers of installations that have used the software in the previous 30, 60, and 90 days. Installed software that has not been used for 91 days or more is considered to be unused. Installations where no usage data is found are excluded from the grid.

Click the numbers in the Installs column to see more information about the usage of that product on each device where it is installed. This includes when it was last launched, the number of times it has been launched, and the number of minutes it was used for. Remember to check the Last Scan Date to see how recent the data is.