Accessing Encrypted Media without the Client

Device Control is designed to allow local users to access authorized and unauthorized encrypted removable storage devices, when the user cannot access an Ivanti Device and Application Control client. A removable storage device is defined for Ivanti Device and Application Control purposes as any device declared in the Windows Removable Storage Devices class through the plug-and-play feature.

Users can access encrypted removable storage media by:

  • Exporting an encryption key to the device or a separate file.
  • Unlocking a device in Windows Explorer by importing an encryption key from a device or file.
  • Using the Stand-Alone Decryption Tool (SADEC).
  • Using Easy Exchange encryption.
  • About Accessing Unauthorized Encrypted Media
    Encrypted media access without the client uses a separate utility that a user downloads to a non-Ivanti Device and Application Control computer.