Changing Default Options, Application Control

You can modify the default options settings to govern the interactions between the Application Server, database, and clients.

You can modify the option values shown in the Computer and User/Group tabs to change or reset options for users, computers, user groups, and computer groups.

  1. From the Management Console, select Tools > Default Options.
    The Default Options dialog opens.
  2. Select either the Computer or User/Group tab.
  3. In the Option column select the value to change.
  4. In the Option Value panel, clear the Default setting check box.
  5. Select a value from the drop-down list.
  6. In the Option Value panel, enter a message to be displayed to the user.
    This field is only available for some options, as indicated in the panel description.
  7. Save the value as the default one by clicking:
  8. Command Description
    OK Saves the setting and close the Default Options dialog.
    Apply Saves the setting without closing the dialog. You can then repeat the process to change other default option settings.
    Cancel Closes the dialog without saving your changes.
    Help Shows the online help dialog.

After Completing This Task

You can send the updated authorization(s) immediately to the client computers using the Control Panel > Tools > Send Updates option. If you do not send updates to protected clients, they automatically receive updates when they restart or at next user log in.

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