Global User/User Group Precedence Options

Application Control establishes precedence rules for global user and global user group default option settings.

Some options can be set at a global level or for user/user groups, using the Computer and the User/Group tabs. For the Execution eventlog, Execution log and Execution notification options that are governed by user/user group options, the precedence rules follow in descending order:

  1. Options set for a specific user take precedence over all other option settings
  2. Options set for a user group that a user is a member take precedence. If the user belongs to several groups that have different option settings, the highest precedence option setting applies.
  3. Global settings from the User/Group tab of the Default Options dialog take precedence.
  4. Predefined Ivanti Device and Application Control system default settings take precedence.

The following flowchart outlines the global users/groups precedence rules process.

Is a specific user option set? Yes = use the user's value; No = Are options set for any groups the user belongs to? Yes = use the highest precedence value; No = Is a default user option set? Yes = use the default value; No = Use the installation value

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