Working with the Authorization Wizard

The Authorization Wizard tool is used for performing an initial inventory of existing software applications that can be authorized for use.

The Authorization Wizard tool provides a simple method for scanning existing files and directories on a computer to add files to the central authorization list. The wizard can automatically assign scanned files with existing digital signatures to file groups. Alternatively, scanned files without a digital signature can be processed manually to create digital signatures and then assign these files to file groups. The wizard can also expand compressed files during the scanning process, identify or create digital signatures, and then assign these files to files groups.

The Authorization Wizard:

  • Searches for executable files from a specific source, as a computer hard drive, network share (UNC path), or CD/DVD-ROM.

    Executable file sources include the following:

    • Windows operating systems, applications, and service packs
    • Self-extracting ZIP archives
    • RAR, MSI, and Microsoft CAB files
  • Creates digital signatures for selected files.
  • Records the digital signatures in the Ivanti Device and Application Control database.

The Authorization Wizard does not scan for scripts or macros.

Restriction: The Authorization Wizard does not expand setup.exe files and classifies them as a single executable file instead of an auto-extraction file.

  • Authorizing Executable Files
    You can use the Authorization Wizard to scan a reference computer to build an initial list of centrally authorized files.