Working with Database Explorer

The Database Explorer module is the primary tool for viewing and managing database records as well as creating and maintaining file group relationships.

You can use the Database Explorer to:

  • Administer file group assignments.
  • Manage file groups.
  • View database records.
  • Administer file group relationships.

The Ivanti Device and Application Control database serves as the central repository of authorization information for:

  • Authorized executable files, scripts, and macros.
  • Digital signatures that uniquely identify the authorized files.
  • File groups.
  • File group parent-child relationships.
  • Authorized users and user groups.

The Database Explorer module consists of two tab pages:

  • The Files tab shows you all files stored in the Ivanti Device and Application Control database. You can assign files to file groups.
  • The Groups tab allows you to manage file group relationships.

When working in either tab you can access the Explorer menu to manage file groups, and the Tools menu to do database maintenance.

On the Files tab page you can see the following columns and fields:



File Name

Object used to filter the result query for the Database Explorer main page, used in combination with the File Group field, which field accepts wildcard.

File Group

Field used to filter the result query in the Database Explorer main page to select the required file group from the list or use with <All>, and is used in combination with the File Group field.


Unique system file identifier.

File Name

Full file name.


File extension.

Original Path

Full path from where the file was first scanned.

File Group

The assigned file group. <Not Authorized> if the file has not been assigned.


The calculated digital signature as stored in the database.

File Type

The file category: executable, macro, or script.

On the Groups tab page you can see the following panels and columns:



File Groups

This panel shows the top-level file groups. File groups displaying a lock symbol cannot be deleted.


This panel shows all available relationships.


Shows the file group name in the File Group or Relationship panel.


Shows the relationship type: Child, Parent, Child (indirect), Parent (indirect).

  • The Files Tab
    The Database Explorer page shows the internal system ID, filename, extension, path, file group assignment, and parent-child relationships between file groups for each file on the Files tab.
  • The Groups Tab
    You use the Groups tab to manage parent-child relationships between file groups.

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