Packages Menu

You can administer deployment packages from the Packages menu.

The following table describes the Packages menu.

Option Description
New Creates new deployment packages.
Delete Deletes a selected deployment package.
Rename Renames a selected deployment package.
Import public key Copies the sx-public.key in to the deployment package directory folder.
Set Licenses Adds a license to deployment package installed in the serverless mode.
Set Policies Allows addition of an Application Server to retrieve the policy file (*.dat) for a specific deployment package.
Test Connection Allows verification of connection with the Application Server for the specific deployment package, before deploying the package.
Install Installs the selected deployment package.
Uninstall Uninstalls the selected deployment package for the computers listed in the Computers panel.
Open last report Displays a report describing the last install or uninstall, indicating the status of the install or uninstall activity.
Options Allows modification of the directory where deployment packages are stored.

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