Export an Encryption Key

A user can transfer an encryption key from a computer to a device by exporting the encryption key to a file or device.


The following must be completed before you can successfully transfer an encryption key:

  • An administrator must assign users access to the media.
  • Am administrator must assign device permissions to allow the user to export an encryption key to a file or device.
  • A user must attach the device to the computer.

Exporting the encryption key directly to the encrypted device is significantly less secure because the level of difficulty required to access the data is directly linked to the device password complexity.

  1. Navigate to Windows Explorer®.
  2. Right-click the device.
  3. Select Export medium key from the right-mouse menu.
    The Export Medium Key dialog opens.
  4. In the Export key to panel, select one of the following options:
  5. Option



    Exports the encryption key to the attached device.


    Exports the encryption key to a file folder that the user specifies.

    1. When you select the folder option, click the ellipses to locate a folder.
  6. In the Password field, type a password.
  7. In the Confirm field, retype the password.
  8. Click OK.
    The encryption key is sent directly to the device or to the folder you specified. Using the password, a user can import the encryption key from the device or file to access encrypted media.

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