Behaviors Specific to Shadowing Files Burned to CD/DVD/BD

Unique behaviors are exhibited by the system when gathering shadowing data for files burned to CD/DVD/BD.

  • File shadowing is not supported when burning in RAW mode and writing will be blocked.
  • "Volume Label" column in Log Explorer will not contain a value when a disc is burned using Windows Explorer (Mastering or Live File System).
  • No file name information is provided about the files burned during a second disc or subsequent sessions for a multi-session disc when using Windows Mastering or third-party burning software.
  • Information contained in the cd-or-dvd-analysis.log, for example Write Type and Data Block Format, is incorrect when burning media other than a CD.
  • The shadow file generated during a disc format using Live File System will contain all the writes performed during the process. The size of the file is typically 2500KiB, but can be 4GB (DVD-RAM) or 47GB (BD-RE). The file size can match the disc capacity.
  • After a successful disc burning using Windows Explorer (Mastering or Live File system), shadowed file information is sent to the server with two additional files: CD-or-DVD-analysis-log.txt and CD-or-DVD-error-log.txt.

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