Device Control Client-Application Server Communication

Ivanti Device and Application Control is based on standard TCP/IP protocols for all communication between clients and servers.

The Device Control client communicates with the Application Server as follows:

  • The client connects with the Application Server to:
    • Retrieve device permission updates.
    • Upload client log files.
    • Upload client shadow files.
  • The Application Server connects with the client to:
    • Scan the client.
    • Fetch client log files.
    • Fetch client shadow files.
    • Send device permission updates.

Communications are signed by the server with a private key and the client uses the corresponding public key to authenticate server communications. After the client authenticates the server communication using the TLS protocol, the client can transmit data. The following figures illustrates the TLS protocol communication process.

Domain Controller & Certificate Authority connects to both Application Server and Client. Client to Application Server connection uses TSP/IP and TLS channel

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