Using the Tools Menu

The following table describes the Tools menu items and functions:

Menu Item Description
Synchronize Domain Members Updates the database using a current list of users and groups for a domain or machine.
Database Maintenance Deletes log and computer database scan files created before a specified date.
User Access Defines Enterprise Administrators and Administrators by allowing you to assign access rights for setting permissions and viewing audit information for administrator actions.
Password Recovery Wizard Allows administrator access to recover a password to unlock an encrypted storage device.
Default Options Changes the default option settings for users and computers.
Send Updates to All Computers Transmits the latest setting and permission changes to all managed devices. Changes can be sent manually or automatically when computers restart or at the next login event.
Send Updates to Transmits the latest setting and permission changes to specific computers on the network.
Export Settings Places file authorization settings in an external file that can be sent to clients working offline to update file authorization lists.
Endpoint Maintenance Creates and saves maintenance tickets for computers and computer groups that allows modification of protected files and registries for clients.
Temporary Permission Offline Generates a code that can be communicated to users by phone to grant them device permissions on a temporary basis when working without a network connection.

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