Using the Management Console

The Management Console provides direct access to system management, configuration, file authorization, reporting, and logging functions.

The Management Console allows the user to communicate with an Application Server to send and retrieve device permissions data from the database. The data is then sent from the server to an Ivanti Device and Application Control client, thereby establishing device control on the client.

  • Getting Started with Device Control
    You start with Device Control by installing the application, which includes all server and database components, the Management Console, and the Device Control clients. Then you use the Management Console to define user and device permissions for encryption of removable storage devices.
  • The Device Permissions Setup Process
    After successfully installing Application Control, an administrator uses the Management Console to configure and define user access permissions and device permission rules required in an Ivanti Device and Application Control environment that specify which devices each user can access, as described by the following process flow.
  • Accessing the Management Console
    Access to the Management Console is controlled using the login and logout functions provided by the Management Console. Only authorized administrators may access the Application Server.
  • Common Functions within the Management Console
    Ivanti Device and Application Control uses standard browsing conventions and navigational functions.
  • License Expiration
    A license expiration Warning message displays, if you are a subscription user, when you log in to the Management Console.

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