Deleting Database Records

Delete database records using the Database Maintenance tool.

  1. From the Management Console, select Tools > Database Maintenance.
    The Database Maintenance dialog opens.
  2. Select one of the pre-defined task templates:
  3. Option


    Status & Audit 90+

    Clears client status and admin audit logs 90 days old or older.

    Pwd Recovery 999+

    Clears out password recovery information as old or older than 999 days.

    Caution: Purging this data can result in the permanent loss of encrypted data in the case of a user forgetting their password.

    Machine Scans 999+

    Clears machine scan information as old or older than 999 days.

    Caution: Machine scan purging should not be conducted while scanning is in progress.

    Log and Shadow Files 90+

    Routine maintenance that clears client logs and shadow files 90 days old or older.

  4. Optional: Click Settings to change the parameters or schedule a recurring database maintenance task.
    How long should the DB maintenance task run for? lets you limit the purge duration so, for example, it does not coincide with replication or import/export tasks. The purge stops when the minutes set expire and the system finishes the current batch it is purging. Depending on how long it takes your database to purge a batch, this can add several minutes to the actual purge duration.
  5. Click Execute.

    Important: Verify that you have sufficient free disk space on the computer to generate the transaction logs that accompany database maintenance. If you get an error message indicating insufficient disk space, retry the process by selecting a shorter date range or less information.

The selected data is deleted from the database and the Application Server data file directory.

Caution: Deleting large volumes of files from the database usually results in engaging SQL server connectivity for long periods of time, during which the Management Console is unresponsive to the user. Also, exiting or canceling the from the Management Console before database maintenance is complete can introduces errors and inconsistencies in the database.