Importing Domain Members

A script file, AADSync.ps1, is provided in the installation media that generates a .json file containing all of your Azure AD users and user groups. You can then import these users and user groups using this file.

To import domain members:

  1. In PowerShell, run AADSync.ps1 <filename>.
    where <filename> is the output filename with a path if required.
  2. If the PowerShell AzureAD module is not installed, you need to run in administrator mode.

  3. Enter your Azure AD credentials if prompted.
    The specified json file is created. This may take a while.
  4. From the Management Console, select Tools > Import Domain Members.
    The Open dialog appears.
  5. Browse to and open the json file created above.
    A dialog appears that summarizes what is about to be imported.
  6. Click OK.
    The contents of the file are imported.

You can also import the file using the SDK command line installed with SXS using the command line:
SXS.SDK32.Cmd.exe -License <license> -UpdateDomainInfo filename.json

For more information, see this article 000067043 on the Ivanti Community.